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  • Bicolor LED Light
  • Extended CRI: 95 - OLED Screen
  • 336 powerful SMD LEDs
  • 11000Lux @0.6m
  • Dimmer with 2 modes
  • Boost Function - Operating Menu
  • Warm to cool Adjustments
  • Aluminum Material
  • Anti-scratch finish Black matte
  • 2-year Warranty

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ΜΖ-Lighting SMD LED Lights are products of high quality for Cinema, Photo or Video Productions.

You can adjust the exact temperature and intensity of your MZ LED light through the new OLED Screen.

Through the OLED Screen you can enter the operating Menu for extra adjustments. Enable/disable the Boost function, change opearating Mode, enable/disable temperature control, show the opearating hours  e.t.c.   

We have used Japanese SMD LEDs in order to build high quality LED Lights with CRI of 95 for Cinema productions.*

SMD LEDs cannot be easily overheated so you can use them in harsh environments with high temperatures.

We have chosen powerful and efficient SMD LEDs. That’s why MZ LED lights have more lighting intensity with much less power consumption comparing to common LED lights.

We have selected SMD LEDs with 115° light beam for more light coverage and efficiency than common 60° or 45° LED lights. MZ LED lights allow you to come closer to your subject which results to more lighting intensity with no dark spots.

Optional MZ Lenses can be used to narrow the light beam angle to 70 or 40 Degrees. Light intensity in these angles can be increased up to four times which is very important for cinematographers or photographers  to light much longer distances.

For more lighting efficiency we have used high quality LED PC-Boards with advanced electronic circuits. Extra holes on the PC-Board are used for better cooling.

Our Light bodies are made of high quality lightweight aluminum. We have used this material for better cooling and durability.

We have used specially designed 150mm and 104mm high quality lightweight aluminum heat sinks which are connected directly to the aluminum body of the LED light. Heat sink and LED light, as one body, let the heat pass to the environment much easier.

MZ LED lights have silent operation as they don’t need any fans for cooling. Moreover, the high quality electronic circuit of the Dimmer does not cause any electromagnetic interference to wireless audio and video systems. So, they are ideal for interviews and conferences.

Our LED lights are very light and portable. We have used Lightweight and durable materials such as Aluminum and Copper. MZ lights weigh less than half of the common LED1000 panels.

MZ LED Lights accept 7-16V DC input Voltage. In that way you can use all kind of Professional Batteries. Such as 14.8V V-Lock and G-Lock Batteries, 7.2V NP-F batteries and all kinds of 12V input sources.

We have chosen the professional 4-pin XLR connector. By using this connector you can connect many input sources to power on our LED lights.

MZ LED Lights can be powered from external batteries through our MZ power adapters. We have Dual or single Sony NP-F, V-Lock and G-Lock type adapters. Our adapters are equipped with an XLR 4-pin connector and strong clamp to fit on tripods.

You can even use MZ power supplier to power MZ LED lights from AC plug. It is a Class-I adapter with grounding for overvoltage protection.
PROTECTION The Dimmer of our LED lights has an electronic circuit which protects the light from sources with opposite polarity. So, when you put sources with opposite polarity the light will just not power on without causing any kind of damage.

The Dimmer of our LED lights has an electronic circuit which protects the light from sources with opposite polarity. So, when you put sources with opposite polarity the light will just not power on without causing any kind of damage.

The Dimmer has a Boost function for extra lighting intensity. When BOOST is enabled you get the most from your MZ LED light. When BOOST is disabled there is less power consumption and you get more operating hours. This is important, especially for smaller batteries.

We have full range of LED Lights. Bicolor, Cool and Warm Lights. With Bicolor light you can change the color temperature from warm to cool by using our advanced dimmer. For cool or Warm lights you can use the MZ color filters.

Dimmers of the Bicolor LED lights usually have 2 controllers. The first one controls the color temperature and the second one the lighting intensity. Some other dimmers have the first controller to adjust the intensity of the warm lighting and the second one to adjust the intensity of the cool lighting. We have both modes in one dimmer! You can choose which mode you want to in the operating menu through the LCD Screen..

Our LED Lights are flicker-free. We have used a Cinema slow motion camera and tests were made in all steps of shutter speed up to 1/10000 and all steps of frame rate up to 800fps!

We have used an advanced electronic circuit in order to protect the LED light from power drops. So, even when the Voltage of the battery is dropping, the lighting intensity remains the same until the battery runs out.

We supply clamps in order to attach the power adapters and the dimmer on light stands. The LED light body has a yoke metal base that is easily attached to a 16mm spigot.

We have used 1/4” threads to most of our power adapters and our dimmer. So you can easily attach them on tripods, mounts or brackets. MZ clamps are ideal for attaching power adapters and dimmers on light stands.

Most of the dimmers are placed inside the main light body, which makes the access to the controls impossible, when a 3.5m light tripod is used. MZ LED lights, measuring from the light body to the dimmer, have a 2m cable. So, the dimmer will be at 1.5m height when a 3.5m light tripod is used. MZ power supplier is equipped with an extra 1.5m cable.

We build high quality 4-leaf barndoors and softboxes with metal mounting. They are attached directly on the light body. Also we can supply diffuser, warm and cool acrylic filters for our LED lights.

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