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We take pride in providing warranties for all our products, ranging from 6 months to ten years. The warranty time is entirely determined by the manufacturer, and our company does not provide any additional warranty time beyond the time specified by the manufacturer. The Warranty period is To ensure transparency and accuracy, we display the precise warranty period for each product on our website, as provided by the respective manufacturer.

In order to maximize the warranty coverage, it is advisable to register most of our products upon purchase. Registration can be completed on the manufacturer's website by providing personal details and the serial numbers of the purchased products. Some manufacturers offer an extended warranty period of up to ten years exclusively upon registration. Failure to register the product may result in the exclusion of the extended warranty.

Should you encounter any issues with a product during the warranty period, we kindly request that you promptly inform us by sending an email to Please include a brief description of the problem, and if possible, provide supporting pictures or videos illustrating the issue. We will expedite the resolution process by promptly contacting our supplier. In most cases, the product will need to be returned to the manufacturer for assessment and resolution of the problem. The manufacturer will assess the product to ensure proper usage, and subsequently, may replace the defective product with a new one or repair the faulty component. Each manufacturer has their own policies and guidelines that we strictly adhere to. Please note that there may be a delay in the process, and as per the supplier's regulations, you may be responsible for transportation costs associated with sending the product. It is crucial to ensure the proper use of the product, as the warranty coverage applies under the condition of appropriate usage.

In the event that you purchase a product from us and it experiences issues within the warranty period, we strive to provide support by offering a similar device, subject to availability, to assist you until the repair procedure is completed.


It is important to note that we have a strict policy regarding product returns. We do not accept returns for any reason if the mistake lies with the customer. Therefore, we kindly request that you exercise caution and diligence when placing orders and making purchases. Please ensure the accuracy of your orders to avoid any inconvenience. However, in the event that an error is made on our part, we will gladly accept the return of the incorrect product. We do not entertain total cancellations of orders when only one product is incorrect; we will solely replace the incorrect item.

When you send us a request for an offer and subsequently provide you with a proforma invoice for approval and payment, it is essential that you carefully review the proforma invoice for any errors or discrepancies. It is your responsibility to double-check the accuracy of the proforma invoice before proceeding with the payment. In the event that any mistakes or inaccuracies are overlooked by you, it will be considered your responsibility. Please note that products in such cases are non-returnable, and the payment made for the order is non-refundable.

We would like to emphasize that delays in shipments, whether caused by suppliers, transport companies or unforeseen circumstances, are beyond our control.

If you wish to initiate a cancellation of an order due to significant delays in shipment, we are obliged to engage with the manufacturer-supplier to process your request. Should the order have already undergone preparation, production, or shipping, it typically becomes non-cancelable. Our protocol in such instances adheres strictly to the policies set forth by our manufacturer-supplier. In the event that an order is deemed non-cancelable, any deposit made towards the order cannot be refunded.

If the order is not cancelable by the manufacturer-supplier and you elect to cancel the order, please be informed that the deposit amount will be retained and cannot be utilized for future orders.

However, if the manufacturer-supplier grants approval for the cancellation of the delayed order, we will promptly issue a refund of the deposit to your designated account. The refund will be issued solely for the product or products experiencing delays and will not encompass the entirety of the remaining products within the entire order.

It is pertinent to note that our standard shipping practices are designed to minimize delays, and significant delays are defined as exceeding 15 working days from the specified delivery dates. Minor delays, such as those spanning 5 or 10 working days, may arise due to production constraints or logistical challenges. Consequently, we must disclaim any liability associated with such delays.