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VAT Charges


(vat charges for all countries)

GREECE (24% or 17%)*
(for greek customers)

1. For most places in Greece VAT Charge is 24%. So, Greek customers should pay extra 24% on the prices of our website. 

2. Only for the following departments in Greece VAT Charge is 17%:

- Lesvos
- Chios
- Samos

Countries in the EU (0% or 24%)*
(for customers in the EU)

European Companies that are VAT registered don't pay VAT. So VAT charges are 0% (only if we ship the order to their country).

European customers that are not VAT registered have to pay VAT 24%.

Check your Vat number to the below link.

If a European Customer wants to collect the order from our store he has to pay VAT 24% even if he is VAT registered or Not.

Non EU Countries (0% or 24%)*
(for customers outside the EU)

All the other customers outside the EU don't pay VAT. So VAT charges are 0%. (only if we ship the order to their country).

If a Customer outside the EU wants to collect the order from our store he has to pay VAT 24%. Athough he can reclaim VAT. See below the prcedure for VAT reclaiming in Greece.

1. Get the documentation
When you make your purchase, have the merchant fill out the necessary refund voucher – it is called a "cheque." You'll need to present your passport at the shop showing that you are resident of a country outside the EU. Make sure this paperwork is done before you leave the shop.

2. Know where to get your refund
If you buy merchandise in a European Union country and you're bringing the goods home with you, process your documents at your last stop in the EU, regardless of where you made your purchases. Be aware that if the currencies are different in the country where you made your purchase and where you process your refund — say, pounds and euros — you may have to pay an extra conversion fee.

3. Bring your goods unused
Bring your goods — unused — to the airport or border crossing. You're not supposed to use your purchased goods before you present them at customs. If you show up at customs using the camera that you purchased, officials may or may not grant your refund.

4. Arrive Early
You'll have to wait in a special line at customs and then, if you're collecting your refund right away, at the refund office. Sometimes you need a couple of hours to do so.

5. Payout time
Once you get your form stamped by customs, you'll need to return it to the retailer's representative at the airport, port, or border crossing. These are the "one exchange shops" or any other shop that cooperates with "Global Blue Hellas" Tax free shopping Company. Often they'll give you your refund in your currency of choice immediately. Otherwise they'll credit the refund to your credit card. The amount to be refunded will be more or less the 80% of the VAT that you have paid.

* VAT charges are made according to the billing details and not the shipping details