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Accepted Payment Methods


VAT Charges


Purchases within Greece (24% or 17%)*

All purchases made within Greece are subject to Greek Value Added Tax (VAT) at a rate of 24%. Therefore, Greek customers should expect an additional 24% charge on the prices listed on our website. This VAT is applicable as per the regulations of the Greek tax authorities.

However, there is an exception for companies registered in specific islands. For customers registered in Lesvos, Chios, and Samos, the VAT rate will be reduced to 17% instead of the standard 24%. This special VAT rate applies to companies operating on these islands and is in accordance with the tax regulations specific to these regions.

We strive to provide transparent pricing and adhere to all applicable tax laws and regulations. Should you have any further inquiries or require clarification regarding the VAT charges, please do not hesitate to contact our finance department or customer support team.

Shipping orders outside of Greece within the EU.

Regarding shipping orders within the European Union (EU), the VAT charges depend on the VAT registration status of the customer and the shipping destination. Here's the breakdown:

European Companies that are VAT registered: If a company within the EU is VAT registered and provides a valid VAT number, they are eligible for a 0% VAT rate. This means that no VAT will be charged on their order if it is shipped to their registered country. It is important to verify the VAT number using the VIES (VAT Information Exchange System) provided by the European Commission.

Private customers without a registered company: Private customers are  required to pay VAT at the standard rate applicable in their country. Each EU member state has its own standard VAT rate, which can vary between countries. Therefore, European customers without VAT registration will be responsible for paying the VAT at the applicable rate of their country on their orders.

Please note that the VAT rates and regulations may vary across EU member states. It is always recommended to confirm the specific VAT requirements and rates applicable to your country.

Furthermore, if a European customer (private or company) chooses to collect their order from our store or have it delivered to an address within Greece, they would be subject to the standard VAT rate of 24%.

For any additional questions or assistance regarding VAT charges, we encourage customers to reach out to our finance department or customer support team. We are here to ensure a smooth and transparent ordering process for all our customers within the EU.

Shipping orders outside of the EU.

For customers outside the European Union (EU), we are pleased to inform you that VAT charges are not applicable. Therefore, the VAT rate for orders shipped to countries outside the EU is 0%.

However, it is important to note that if a customer outside the EU chooses to collect their order from our store or have it delivered to an address within Greece, they will be required to pay the standard VAT rate of 24%. Nevertheless, it is worth highlighting that private customers without a registered company still have the option to reclaim the VAT through a specialized procedure tailored for VAT reclaims in Greece. Check below the procedure:

Obtain the necessary documentation: At the time of purchase, please ensure that the merchant completes the required refund voucher, commonly known as a "cheque." It is essential to present your passport to demonstrate that you are a resident of a non-EU country. It is advisable to complete this paperwork before leaving the store. Please note that the refund voucher should be issued in your name as an individual customer and not in the name of your company.

Determine the refund location: If you have made purchases in multiple European Union countries and are bringing the goods back with you, the VAT refund should be processed at your final stop within the EU, regardless of where the purchases were made. Please be aware that if there is a difference in currencies between the country of purchase and the country where the refund is processed, such as pounds and euros, an additional conversion fee may apply.

Ensure unused goods: It is imperative to bring the purchased goods, in unused condition, to the airport or border crossing. It is not permitted to use the goods before presenting them to customs. If you use the camera or any other purchased item before going through customs, it is at the discretion of the officials whether or not they will grant the VAT refund.

Allow ample time: Please arrive at the airport or border crossing early, as you will need to wait in a dedicated line at customs and subsequently, if you wish to collect the refund immediately, at the refund office. The process may take a couple of hours to complete.

Processing the refund: Once your refund form has been stamped by customs, you must return it to the retailer's representative at the airport, port, or border crossing. These representatives may be located in "one exchange shops" or any other shop cooperating with "Global Blue Hellas," a Tax Free Shopping Company. In most cases, you will receive your refund in your preferred currency on the spot. Alternatively, the refund can be credited to your credit card. The refunded amount will generally be approximately 80% of the VAT you have paid.

Custom clearance
For orders destined for countries outside of the European Union, customers are required to bear the cost associated with custom clearance at the border of the respective country.