SlideKamera Atlas-Moco-Servo-Motors

MFR #HSM-1, HSN-2v4 (A), HGN-10v2, HPN-2v2, HPB-1
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  • High-performance set
  • For Cameras up to 20kg
  • 2m Modular Slider
  • 2-axis remote head
  • Powerful servo motors
  • 2m rail length (0.8m + 1.2m)
  • KAIROS-2 Controller
  • ATLAS Case included

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High-performance set of a modular slider and 2-axis remote head, powered by powerful servo motors. Designed for heavy broadcast and cine cameras up to 20kg.



Succesful cooperation with filmmakers has led to the creation of a new, innovative slider that meets the needs perfectly. The slider carries heavy film cameras such as CANON C500, SONY F55 or ARRI ALEXA. Lightweight construction, modularity of the system and easy one person assembling/ disassembling were the main goals during the designing process.



Is equipped with 24 wheels, made of a specialy chosen rubber. The positioning of the wheels allows the cart to freely move, no matter the slider position - horizontal, vertical, diagonal or even upside down.



The set consist of 75/100mm self leveling disc for tripods and 3/8" universal mount.

It's used to mount ATLAS MODULAR slider to the tripod. The disc is permanently attached to the slider's feet by hex screws. It allows the slider to be placed quickly on the tripod's bowl and firmly secured with the 3/8" universal mount.



6-axis controller, for a standard setup (slider + remote head + lens motors) or custom configurations. 

Keyframes, motion recording, parallax tracking, network protocols and many more.