Lens Mercury Anamorphic 138mm T2.2

MFR #MERC-0138-300m
Price: € 8588.54 + VAT
Online price: € 8245.00 + VAT
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  • Anamorphic Lens 138mm
  • Mercury Series - PL Mount
  • Aperture Range: T2.2 - T16
  • Min. Focus: 1.2m

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Mercury Anamorphic 138mm T2.2

Promotional pricing available through March 14th, 2024


Mercury Series features full-frame coverage, a 1.5x squeeze ratio with enhanced bokeh, a significant reduction in physical size and weight, a more dynamic geometric optical personality, and warmer vintage tones than the Atlas Orion Series – all while providing the same modern, mechanical conveniences demanded by professionals.

The introduction of the Mercury Series is a significant addition to the Atlas Lens Co. catalog of anamorphic cinema lenses since the debut of the Orion Series 2x anamorphic lenses in 2017 and the Orion 21mm, and the world’s widest front anamorphic cinema lens in production. The addition of the Mercury Series to the Atlas lineup of anamorphic lenses will provide more image-makers with new and distinctive choices for their cinematic toolkit.


Visit the Mercury Series page for more information about this new lens family.


Focal Length Aperture Range Min Focus Weight Length Front Diameter Sensor Coverage Field of View Flange System
138mm T2.2 - T1​​6 4.0 ft 1.2 m 4.7 lbs 2.1 kg 8.1 in 20.5cm 95mm Full-Frame 23° PL Mount