Head PTR 15 4K Robotic

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  • Pan/Tilt Head for Cameras
  • Up to 4K 2160p 50/60P Video Out.
  • 4KG Payload
  • Range: Pan: 340°, Tilt: ±45°

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PTR 15 4K Robotic

Robotic Precision, Elevated Vision: Discover PTR-15 4K Robotic Pan-Tilt head

Datavideo's latest release, PTR-15, a 4K 12G-SDI robotic pan tilt head with FreeD functionality.

It employs an efficient driving system to achieve smooth and precise robotic pan and tilt movements. It can be paired with most models of broadcast-grade cameras available in the market, enabling remote control of camera parameters such as pan, tilt, zoom, and aperture.
The PTR-15 comes equipped with the built-in FreeD virtual tracking feature, which utilizes computer vision sensor technology to recognize and track the position and movements of the subject being filmed.
The PTR-15 can be controlled using an IR controller, VISCA protocol controller, Datavideo RMC-180 MARK II camera controller, RMC- 300A universal remote control panel, and is compatible with both serial and Ethernet (DVIP) connections.

Versatile Signal Connectivity
The PTR-15 boasts an extensive range of signal interfaces for seamless integration with the remote head. These interfaces encompass SDI, HDMI, RS-232, RS-422, DVIP, Tally, and LANC, providing diverse connectivity options.

Cost-Effective Transition to Remote PTZ Control
With PTR-15, transitioning from conventional camcorder cameras to remote-controlled PTZ becomes a cost-effective solution. The system empowers a single operator to efficiently manage multi-camera remote operations.

Wide Range of Compatible Cameras Supported
Benefit from PTR-15's LanC control, which seamlessly integrates with a diverse selection of professional video camcorders. This compatibility empowers you to choose the optimal camcorders that align with your specific requirements.
Light Weight, Strong, and Sturdy Design
Crafted from aluminum alloy, the PTR-15 boasts a mere weight of 3.7 kg. Its robust design serves as a stable foundation for your camera setup, offering the strength needed to support cameras weighing up to 4 kilograms.

Diversified Controller Options
PTR-15 accomodates a range of control options, including Serial ports, Ethernet, and LanC. Tailored to your requirements, it seamlessly supports Datavideo's RMC-180 MARK II, RMC-300A, and SHOWCAST 100 will fulfill your control needs.

Support Your Cameras up to 4 Kg Weight on PTR-15
Engineered from robust aluminum alloy, PTR-15 features a super-strong design, providing a sturdy foundation for your camera setup. This construction ensures dependable support for cameras weighing up to 4 kilograms.

Comprehensive IP Control
In addition to the standard RS-232/422 control, the PTR-15 provides robust IP-based control, keeping up with the modern trend of IP-based systems. This technology migrates the camera control protocols and technical parameter adjustments used in high-end broadcast studios to an open IP environment. This transformation breaks away from the previous limitations of exclusive one-to-one control, enabling the free switching of different cameras and achieving precise adjustments of camera parameters such as aperture, shutter, red/blue gain, inflection point, and more. This advancement allows on-site camera operations to enter an unprecedented era of convenience.

Dual 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 Interfaces
The robust and stable nature of SDI interfaces makes them highly suitable for broadcast environments, while HDMI offers high compatibility with peripheral devices. The PTR-15 fully supports both 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 standards for broadcast and AV applications. Whether you require SDI or HDMI connections, it provides a complete 4K50/60P audiovisual transmission channel.

Genlock/Timecode Synchronization and Calibration
This is one of the criteria that differentiates broadcast-grade equipment from regular cameras. The genlock function allows interconnection of all cameras and display devices, ensuring precise synchronization at every frame, all operating on the same clock frequency. This prevents issues like tearing due to unstable frame transmission.
The timecode calibration function enables the interconnection of all cameras and recording devices, providing the same time parameters. This establishes a unified time reference point for subsequent archiving or post-production, ensuring consistency.

Support 199 Preset Camera Shooting Positions
For comprehensive video production demands encompassing various angles and perspectives, PTR-15 boasts the capacity to support 199 preset camera positions, catering to your diverse needs.

Activate these presets effortlessly using the IR remote control, enabling quick access to any of the 199 positions.
In conjunction with the RMC-300A universal remote controller, you can instantly access presets using its 14 dedicated physical buttons.
With the RMC-180 MARK II remote control, 4 physical buttons are available for swift preset recall.

Seamless PoE++ Integration
When utilizing PTR-15, the need for a battery mount on your camera becomes obsolete. Thanks to the integrated PoE++ feature within the PTR-15, no supplementary battery or power source is required during operation.

Built-in Tally Light
Enhanced with a prominent tally light positioned on the front, PTR-15 conveniently displays your camera's operational status.

Dual Voltage Output: 12V/24V Compatibility
To accommodate the diverse range of camera power specifications, the PTR-15 provides dual-voltage power outputs. This feature easily adapts to the majority of business and professional-grade cameras available on the market. Through a toggle switch on the rear panel, you can switch between power output specifications, ensuring stable power supply. The design includes surge protection circuits for enhanced safety during use.

Free-D Virtual Studio Camera Position Awareness System Communication
Datavideo's PTR-15 robotic pan tilt head combines advanced pan-tilt technology with AR/VR systems. It interfaces via RS-422 to transmit pan, tilt, and zoom data to the TVS-3000 Virtual Studio Production System, ensuring seamless collaboration.
For different cameras and lenses, it supports lens tracking data acquisition via ZEK-1 or ZEK-2 sensors, enabling lens zoom control and motor tracking synchronization. The RS-422 output provides 8-bit precision Free-D protocol tracking data, compatible with most virtual systems.
It offers precise pan (±340 degrees) and tilt (±45 degrees) control with adjustable motion trajectories and speeds, achieving high precision. Built on Datavideo's DVIP protocol, it's compatible with TCP/IP network protocols, supporting third-party device control.
You can choose the RMC-300A IP control panel with a 5-inch UI touchscreen or the RMC-180 MARK II serial control panel for dual-system control, enhancing security and reliability.

Optional Accessories: ZEK-1 Zoom Encoder Kit
ZEK-1 is the solution to your free running Zoom cameras.
PTR-15 can read its own Pan/Tilt movement and send back to controller for position memory and recall. Now, with ZEK-1, it can detect and read out the Zoom changes. And convert those information into Zoom position to send back for controller to memory and recall the saved zoom position.
Compatible with cameras via zoom moving ring.
ZEK-2 is a Robotic Cinema Camera Solution
ZEK-2 Zoom Encoder Kit is a mechanical device that allows you to mount the Tilta Nucleus-M motor which adds automatic zoom positioning to the Panasonic Lumix BGH-1 camcorder mounted on the PTR-15 4K Robotic Pan Tilt Head.