SlideKamera Mono-Head-Studio-Kit

MFR #HKN-9v2, HGN-14v2, AION IQ
Price: € 2712.45 + VAT
Online price: € 2603.95 + VAT
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  • 1-axis remote Head Set
  • For Cameras up to 16kg
  • Stepper Motors
  • LEMO cable - 3m
  • AION IQ  controller included
  • Power Supply Unit
  • AKC-3
  • High Quality

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Universal set of a precise slider and 1-axis remote head, powered by reliable stepper motors. Best choice for product photography, for professional cameras up to 16kg.
MONO HEAD fills the gap in the line of motion control products. It is precise remote head for rotating the camera in one axis. It was designed to carry heavy, professional cameras. Rigid construction and precise drive make this device reliable and repeatable. MONO HEAD is perfect for every application, that requires precise movement: live action, timelapse, stop motion or VFX shots.

Motion Control System has been designed to work unattended. That enables operators to work in small crews or in “one-man band”.


A drive with a stepper motor for the TITAN slider, up to 0.4 m/s, suitable for standard configurations.



The AION IQ Controller has many extended programs. VIDEO for live action, ANIMATION for stop-motion photography and the very popular TIMELAPSE.