Datavideo PTR-10-MARK-II

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  • Pan/Tilt Head for Cameras
  • 4KG Payload
  • Range: Pan: 340°, Tilt: ±45°
  • Pan speed: 0.2~15° /Sec
  • Tilt speed: 0.1~10° /Sec
  • 50 Memories Pan/Tilt
  • HDMI/SDI/RJ45 connections
  • 12V external power

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Datavideo’s brand-new PTR-10 MARK II is a robotic pan-tilt head that is designed to turn any small size video camera or block cameras into a robotic

A sleek design fits seamlessly in your studio. With its weight of 3.4 Kg, it can be placed on any heavy-duty tripod or mounted on the wall and ceiling which brings up a lot of flexibility for your video production.

The PTR-10 MARK II can be controlled by the included IR controller, VISCA protocol controller, Datavideo RMC-180 Camera controller, RMC-300A Universal Remote-Control Panel, and compatible with DVIP over Ethernet and other integration solutions such as Crestron.



PTR-10 MARK II makes the change from regular camcorder cameras to remote controlled PTZ very cost effective. Multi-camera remote operations can be handled by a single person. 


Wide Range of Compatible Cameras Supported

The PTR-10 MARK II implements LanC control that is compatible with a wide range of professional video camcorders, allowing you to select the best camcorders for your needs.


Light Weight, Strong, and Sturdy design

With a weight of 3.4 kg, PTR-10 MARK II is built from aluminum alloy, making it a very sturdy base for your camera. It can support cameras up to 4 kilograms.


Diversified Controller Options

Compatible with Serial, Ethernet, and Lanc. Datavideo RMC-180 series, and RMC-300A will fit your need.


Built-in Tally light

With the big tally light in the front to show the status of your camera.


D-tap connector for DC output

The D-tap connector is widely used in the broadcast industry as a standard for powering accessories from battery or mains power. This will make it easier for you to find a ready-made power cable for your specific camera. Included is a D-tap to DC 5.5mm with lock for Datavideo cameras.

Selectable DC voltage output for different cameras (7.4 / 8.4 / 10 / 12V )


Multiple Signal Interface

PTR-10 MARK II supports a lot of signal interface for passing through the remote head. Amongst these interfaces are SDI, HDMI, RS-232, RS-422, DVIP, Tally, and LANC.


Optional Accessories: ZEK-1 Zoom Encoder Kit

ZEK-1 is the solution to your free running Zoom cameras.

PTR-10 MARK II can read its own Pan/Tilt movement and send back to controller for position memory and recall. Now, with ZEK-1, it can detect and read out the Zoom changes. And convert those information into Zoom position to send back for controller to memory and recall the saved zoom position.


Compatible with cameras via zoom moving ring.