SlideKamera Bull-Head-MK-III

MFR #HGN-7v2
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  • Pan/Tilt Head for Camcranes
  • 6KG Payload
  • Integrated PDMOVIE Controller
  • 360degrees X-axis & Y-axis
  • Max speed: 72degrees/sec
  • 3 Memory banks - store the motion
  • 10-17V external power
  • High Quality

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The gearbox of the panorama axis in the newest generation of the BULLHEAD remote head has been completely redesigned. Reinforced housing provides even smoother and more fluid motion.

The third version of BULLHEAD MK III includes a built-in Wireless SLIDELINK PRO - WiFi & RF module and has been extended with a LEMO connector that supports Slidekamera HET BUS communication and power supply of Lens Control System - PDMOVIE. All in one connector.

Thanks to its uniquely rigid construction, BULL HEAD MK III can easily carry medium cameras up to 6kg, providing smooth motion, without any vibrations or jerks.

BULL HEAD MK2 is perfect for any application that requires precise movement: live action, timelapse, stop motion or VFX shots.

Its reinforced construction and perfectly crafted machinery make BULL HEAD MK2 extremely precise. It's ideal for creating special effects where repetitive and accurate movement is essential.

Warm gears based mechanism guarantees precision of control and safety of your gear, as it works as a brake during power loss.

The head can be used as a standalone device, mounted on a tripod or any other support. But in motion it shows its best.

BULLHEAD MK III works perfectly as a remote head for cranes and sliders. Together with ATLAS MODULAR SLIDER, it creates an integrated 3D motion control system.
  • intuitive control of the two axes X and Y with joystick,
  • speed of rotation proportional to joystick swing,
  • two methods of joystick work - LINEAR and LOGARITHMIC,
  • INVERT - change the direction of rotation for each axis separately,
  • knobs SPEED and DAMPING,
  • calibration of each axis,
  • 3 memory banks to store and playback motion trajectory,
  • playback the saved trajectory in LOOP,
  • playback the recorded motion from the saved starting point.
  • The connection of the AION 2D controller with a steering and powered cable: 5 meters. Electric connectors sockets and the power switch are located on the top wall of the controller housing. The 1/4” socket in the base of the controller enables it to be mounted to the cart with a 8” or 11” VARIO ARM - Classic.