Smallrig L-Bracket-A7SIII-3003

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  • L-Bracket
  • For Sony A7SIII
  • 1/4" Screw for the camera
  • 1/4" Threads
  • Unobstructed LCD Screen
  • Anti-twist design
  • Side Plate
  • Built-in screwdriver

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Key Features:
1. Form-fitting L-Bracket for Sony A7S III.
2. Arca Compatible Base Plate and Side Plate.
3. Unobstructed LCD Screen and Control Access.
4. 1/4"-20 Accessory Threads for Added Mounting Flexibility.
5. Built-in Flat Screwdriver.

SmallRig L-Bracket for Sony Alpha 7S III A7S III A7S3 3003 attaches to the camera using a 1/4"-20 screw, with anti-twist design and rubber pad preventing wiggles or scratches. Both the side plate and base plate are Arca compatible, allowing a quick switch between horizontal and vertical orientation shooting. The L-Bracket does not block buttons, ports, LCD screen, or battery switches of the camera. The whole L-Bracket can extend to left by 20mm if you need more room for tethering or cable release. It also comes with 1/4"-20 accessory threads allowing mount of accessories, such as SmallRig Cable Clamp 1822, or SmallRig Cold Shoe Mount BUC2736. A flat-head screwdriver is kept on the base plate for easy access.

Designer: Nico Robin

Sony A7S III