Smallrig Dual-Handgrip-Ronin-S-2250

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  • Dual Handles
  • Suitable for DJI Ronin-S
  • Operate with both hands
  • 3/8" & 1/4" threads

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Key Features:
1.Dual-Handle for DJI RoninS Gimbal
2.Lightweight (0.75kg) and Portable (can be disassembled into five parts)
3.3/8”-16 and 1/4”-20 Threaded Holes on Each Handle Grip
4.Rubber inside of the Mounting Socket to Prevent Scratching the Gimbal.
5.Handlebar Designed to Accept 25mm Rod clamp Accessory

SmallRig Dual Handgrip for DJI Ronin S Gimbal BSS2250 is designed to operate your Ronin S gimbal with both hands to reduce one handed fatigue. The dual handle attaches to Ronin S via a ratchet knob and features rubber inside of the mounting socket to prevent scratching the Gimbal. The handle is able to take apart into five parts to make it easy to store and make your traveling way easier. Each handle grip features four 1/4-20”threaded holes on the top , one 1/4”-20 and one 3/8”-16 threaded holes on the bottom for accessory attachment such as Cold Shoe 2260 and Magic Arm 2070 for microphone and monitor. The versatile Dual Handgrip can be grasped overhanded, or underhanded for inverted mode. The 25mm handlebar also allows to attach Smallrig 25mm Mounting Rod Clamp 1860 for accessory attachment. Additionally, the ratchet knob system allows you to adjust position of the handle on the bar quickly.

Designer: Tracy Joy

Co-designers: Kelvin Zyteng, Seth Helpap

Ronin S Gimbal Stabilizer