Smallrig Swivel-Tilt-Monitor-2905

MFR #2905BLK #394-0323
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  • Mount adapter
  • 1/4" thread screw
  • Hor Shoe mount
  • 1.5KG payload
  • Easy to Attach and detach
  • For Monitors & Lights
  • High Quality
  • 1-Year Warranty

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Key Features:
1. Supports 5” and 7” Onboard Monitor up to 1.5kg.
2. Swivels 360° and Tilts 170°.
3. Tightness Adjustable on Each Axis.
4. Features Slots on Thumbscrews for Tightening the Mount.
5. Secures to Camera/Cage/Handle via Cold Shoe Mount.

SmallRig Swivel and Tilt Adjustable Monitor Mount with Cold Shoe Mount 2905 is designed to hold your monitor onto the top of the camera or other mounting system via cold shoe adapter. It features 1/4”-20 screw on the top for monitor, light, or microphone. The holder enables to swivel 360° sideways and tilts 170° with a free stop in any position. The tightness of each axis is adjustable via the Allen wrench. The robust mount is CNC-Machined Aluminum and can support 5” and 7” monitor up to 1.5kg. The swivel and tilt mount has protective rubber padding on top and includes an Allen wrench for tightening the mounts for further security.

Designer: Bear , Tracy Joy
Note:Please do use the Allen Wrench to re-tighten the thumbscrew for further security.

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Other accessories' weights are less than 1.5kg.