Smallrig Side-Flag-3597

MFR #3597
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  • Side and Top Flag
  • For Smallrig Matte Boxes
  • Suitable for 3196, 3575, 3680
  • Protects Against Lens Flare
  • Top Flag Opens 180°
  • Side Flags Open 135°
  • Quick release slots
  • High Quality

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SmallRig Side Flag 3597 is an accessory for Matte Box (ID: 3196, 3575, 3680). The top flag opens 180° and its side wings extend 40° for additional light blocking. The side flag is attached to either the matte box or the filter tray via slots, allowing for free and flexible assembly. It opens 135°, which provides all-round protection against glare and flare, thus facilitating better images presentation on the screen.


Designers: Victor Tang, Jerry Zhang

Note: The top flag cannot be closed shut when more than 2 filter trays are installed


Key Features:
1.All-round protection against glare and flare.
2.Quick release slots for free assembly.


1: Matte Box (ID: 3196, 3575, 3680)
2: 4 x 4” Filter Tray (ID:3320) and 4 x 5.65” Filter Tray (ID:3319)