Smallrig Canon-LP-E6-Dummy-2919

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  • Dummy Battery
  • Canon LP-E6 type plate
  • Canon 5D/6D/7D etc.
  • For Smallrig 2504 Adapter
  • 5.5/2.1mm Male Connector
  • 7.4V DC IN/OUT
  • 60cm Cable length
  • High Quality

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Key Features:
1. Connects to SmallRig NP-F Battery Plate.
2. 5.5/2.1mm DC Power Male Connector to LP-E6 Dummy Battery.
3. For Selected Canon and Other Devices.
4. 60cm-Long Cable.

SmallRig DC5521 to LP-E6 Dummy Battery Charging Cable 2919 is designed for use with the SmallRig NP-F Battery Plate EB2504. It plugs into the LP-E6 battery-powered camera at one end and connects to the battery plate via the 5.5/2.1mm DC male connector. The total length is 60cm.

Designer: He Chen

NOTE: Please plug the cable to the 7.4V output on the battery plate.

SmallRig NP-F Battery Plate 2504
LP-E6 Battery-Powered Camera or Devices