Rycote Reporter-Mic-Foam-40-55

MFR #104405BLK #253-0124
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€ 13.40
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  • Lavalier Foam Windshield
  • For 40mm diameter mic
  • For 55mm length mic
  • Against light wind and pop noise
  • Up to 20 dB wind and pop noise attenuation
  • Open-cell acoustic foam
  • High Quality
  • 1-year Warranty

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The Reporter Mic Foam is a discreet, slip-on foam windshield, designed to protect the microphone head against light wind and pop noise. Made of durable, high quality open-cell acoustic foam, these windshields offer up to 20 dB wind noise attenuation, whilst keeping high frequency loss to a minimum.

Engineered exclusively for Rycote, this high quality foam also provides excellent resistance against the damaging effects of moisture and UV light.

Additionally, you can now also benefit from a further 12 dB wind noise attenuation with Rycote's Foam Windjammer, specifically designed to accommodate our range of Mic Foam windshields.

Source: http://mymic.rycote.com/products/40_55-reporter-mic-foam/