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SlideKamera Titan-Moco

MFR #SP_DUAL, HKN-9v2, HGN-7v3, HPN-2v2, HPB-1
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  • Slider set
  • Titan Slider 1.5m
  • 2-axis remote head
  • For Pro Cameras
  • Stepper Motors
  • KAIROS 2  controller included
  • Power Supply Unit
  • High Quality

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Universal set of a precise slider and 2-axis remote head, powered by reliable stepper motors. Best choice for product photography, for professional cameras up to 10kg.



Due to the stainless steel mechanism of the cart, the TITAN SLIDER allows the operator to perform shots smooth as never before. It's designed with product photography or macro shots in mind - where there's no room for error.



The gearbox of the panorama axis in the newest generation of the BULLHEAD remote head has been completely redesigned. Reinforced housing provides even smoother and more fluid motion. The third version of BULLHEAD MK III includes a built-in Wireless SLIDELINK PRO - WiFi & RF module and has been extended with a LEMO connector that supports Slidekamera HET BUS communication and power supply of Lens Control System - PDMOVIE. All in one connector. 



A drive with a stepper motor for the TITAN slider, up to 0.4 m/s, suitable for standard configurations.



6-axis controller, for a standard setup (slider + remote head + lens motors) or custom configurations.  Keyframes, motion recording, parallax tracking, network protocols and many more.

Source: https://slidekamera.com/titan-moco-364.html