Intellytech Mega-Litecloth-3x4.5-LED-Mat

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  • Foldable LED Panel Light
  • 3 x 4.5' Panel
  • Temp: 3000K to 10000K 
  • LED 6500lux @1m, 3000K
  • CRI/TLCI: 97/99 at 3000K
  • Wireless Controller
  • V-Mount battery plate
  • Carrying Case

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The Mega-LiteCloth 2.0 is a 3'x4.5' LED Mat that folds down to a 14"x 16" x 1". This unique design allows the user to create broad, bright, natural looking light that can be setup fast and travel small.


Sold as a Complete Kit

Including a diffuser, grid, mounting bracket (frame), controller w/ attached battery plate (v-mount or gold mount),  and carrying case. The entire kit fits into the included carrying case measuring 14" x 41" x 12". 


2.0 Upgrades

The 2.0 Mega-LC adds app control via LiteSync +, beefier, click-in connectors between the LED mat & ballast, and PowerCON Power Cable. 


Combined AC & Controller

The Mega-LC has a controller with a built-in AC adapter, allowing for a faster and simpler setup. 


Tremendous Output

Reaching 300 Watts, the Mega-LC is equivalent to a 3,000 Watt Tungsten Soft Light. Even without using the included diffusion and grid, the Mega-LC creates a vast spread that will wrap around your subject. 


Quick & Intuitive Frame , No Assembly Required

The included Frame uses the same design as our Fast Frames. It simply folds and unfolds into place, requiring no assembly. The LED Mat then attaches via grommets to the Frame. Like the Mat, the Mount also folds down allowing it to pack easily into the carrying case.

When you're not using the included frame, mount the 4.4 pound LED mat creatively using grommets, Velcro, or gaffer tape. 


Now Have 9 Built-In Effects Such As:

  • Lightning 1
  • Lightning 2
  • TV Screen
  • Candle
  • Paparazzi
  • Strobe
  • High/Low Beam
  • Double Flash (Hazard)
  • Warm Breathing


Accurate CRI and TLCI Ratings:

Color Temperature CRI  TLCI
3,000k 97 99
5,600k 97 99
10,000k 94 95


Output Ratings: **The Mega-LC produces broad, natural light as if shooting through a silk or softbox. The output measured directly in the center of the light will be as bright as the output measured on the edge of the light.

Distance 5600k / Mixed Color Temps. 3,000k 10,000k
3 Feet 8800 Lux / 817 FC 6500 Lux / 604 FC 7900 Lux / 734 FC
6 Feet 2400 Lux / 223 FC 2000 Lux / 186 FC 2450 Lux / 228 Fc
9 Feet 1500 Lux / 140 FC 1180 Lux / 110 FC 1550 Lux / 144 FC