Head HeadPLUS Standard V2

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  • Motorized Pan-Tilt Head
  • 4.5KG Payload
  • Manual or Smartphone App Control
  • 1/4" Mounting Screw on L Bracket

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HeadPLUS Standard V2

A smart motorized pan and tilt head with built-in dynamic framing, supporting a load of 10 lb. It's compatible with a variety of edelkrone add-ons for enhanced features.
Smart motorized pan & tilt head with built-in dynamic framing feature and many add-ons for extra features.

At a Glance
2 models based on carrying capacity
HeadPLUS: 10 lb (4.5 kg)
HeadPLUS PRO: 20 lb (9 kg)
Can be paired with edelkrone jibs, sliders & dollies
Wireless & seamless compatibility within the entire edelkrone ecosystem.

Both models unfold to fit in any backpack
HeadPLUS is the only professional head you won't feel lazy about carrying.
Hand-Control to set keyposes. Just point & set!
Manual control is just one of many unique features of HeadPLUS. This gives an unprecedented speed and ease to your workflow and makes the entire process much more intuitive.
Remotely control from any tablet/phone/computer or from a dedicated controller
To control from a tablet, phone or Mac (with M processor) use edelkrone App.
To control from other Macs and PCs you can get Mac/PC adapter
To control from a dedicated controller you can get edelkrone controller.
Spatial Point Tracking

Use Point Tracking to get instant parallax shots
HeadPLUS can keep a certain point fixed in the frame even when it's sliding on edelkrone sliders, jibs and dollies. This gives amazing parallax shots. HeadPLUS can also track focus with any mechanical lens through out the parallax shot.
Switch between Points in realtime with a tap of a button
HeadPLUS can make smooth transitions between spatial points just by pressing a single button. Delivers instant results which only very experienced camera operators (after many tries) can deliver.
Ultra-Precise Repeatable Motion
Any motion sequence can be repeated (perfect for VFX shots)
HeadPLUS and other paired edelkrone motion control devices can perfectly repeat the camera motion no matter how complex your composition is. Add some masking magic with your favorite video editing software and wow your audience in no time!
Super easy time-lapse programming
Setting up a motion time-lapse is the easiest with edelkrone App. In your time-lapse videos, you can have a simple transition between two keyposes or you can convert a recorded complex camera motion into a time-lapse with a single button.

Add-ons for Even More

Vision Module
Track faces and objects automatically without a camera operator.

Vision Module can get the live video feed from your camera (with HDMI) and it can recognise faces or selected objects in the image and can operate HeadPLUS automatically to keep the face or object in the frame.
Face tracking and object tracking can also be used back to back with Point Tracking.

Switch between faces
By pressing the right or left buttons, you can make Vision Module search for another face and track it. Vision Module can search and find a face in the direction you press, even if that face is out of the frame and starts tracking that face as soon as it finds it.
Live view
Vision Module can also transmit the live video feed to all phones, tablets and M1 processor Macs to help you control or monitor your shots.
Focus/Zoom Module
Works on any mechanical lens.
Use it for simple A-B focus pulling in the keypose mode or Map your Lens and use it for automatic focus pulling while using Point Tracking feature.
Perfect for Zoom Control
As world is progressing towards built in auto focus lenses and cameras, it is becoming more and more meaningful to use lens controllers for zoom purposes.
With focus/zoom module you can assign different zoom amounts to each of the points during point tracking and get much more powerful storytelling capabilities.
Laser Module
Teaching a Spatial Point to HeadPLUS requires showing the same point from two different perspectives. However, once you attach the Laser Module to HeadPLUS, this process becomes an instant and simple point-and-shoot action.
Easy Lens Mapping (coming soon)
Laser Module also simplifies the process of lens mapping by measuring the focused distances and sending them to edelkrone app instantly.
No Cable Crowd
Connects Wirelessly with edelkrone Sliders / Jibs / Dollies

edelkrone App
The edelkrone App stands out as a comprehensive and intuitive control platform, designed to seamlessly and wirelessly control all edelkrone devices from both Apple and Android devices.
HeadPLUS is years ahead of anything else in the market right now, and we constantly introduce new features for our beloved community.

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