Tilta Cooling-System-TA-CS-B

MFR #TA-CS-BBLK #544-0122
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  • Cooling System
  • For Canon EOS R5/R6
  • USB-C power source 
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Precise and Lightweight Design
  • Black Color
  • High Quality
  • 1-Year Warranty

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Arm your camera with the Tiltaing Cooling System designed specifically for the Canon R5/R6.


This Cooling System allows you to shoot longer with higher resolutions and faster frame rates without overheating restrictions limiting how long you can shoot.

The system seamlessly mounts to our Camera Cage for Canon R5/R6 and includes an additional mounting bracket, allowing you to use the system without a cage and remain as lightweight as possible. Pair it with the ARCA Baseplate for Cooling System to use it with existing equipment.

This bracket also features an articulating hinge, which lets you swivel the entire module away from the camera body, allowing you to flip the screen back into a closed position.


The system can be powered via any USB-C power source and features an EXT port for run stop cables.

The module features two different fan speeds allowing for quieter cooling during takes and stronger cooling when needed.

The highest fan speed reaches 5000 rpm and operates at a relatively quiet 30 db.

Source: https://tilta.com/shop/tiltaing-cooling-system-black/