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(located in the basement - calls us and press 4 - everyday 11.00-19.00)

We repair professional & broadcast equipment for Cameramen, Photographers, Productions & TV stations. The aim of our company is to offer direct technical support for all the products we supply.  

Repair of Professional Equipment. We repair cameras, videos, audio/visual mixers, multiviewers, video editing systems, monitors & lights for Cameramen, TV stations & Productions. We provide authorized service of JVC, Panasonic & ND SATCOM professional equipment in Greece.

Repair Tools. We are equipped with high quality repair tools. We use PC systems with authorized software of Panasonic and JVC for Video & Camera repairing, WFMs, High resolution monitors, Lens Projector of Angenieux for lens repairing and special boards for camera adjustments.

Spaces for repair. We have 4 repair benches for our technicians with light efficiency for demanding professional repairs. For Lens repair we have 2 special rooms. First room is equipped with the lens projector of Angenieux and the second one is a dust proof room for lens assembling .  

Support to our Customers. We fully support our customers by providing a similar device, based on availability and for products in the warranty period, until repairing procedure ends. 

e-mail. You can even send us an e-mail to describing your problem. Some photos or videos showing the problem could be really helpful sometimes.

Minimum Charges. The minimum charge for the repair is 25euros +VAT. So, even if the problem is fixed or not there is a minimum charge of 25euros +VAT for the checking. This amount should be paid beforehand. If this amount is not paid we will not accept your device for repair. This amount will not be returned if repairing is not successful, but if it is, this amount will be extracted from the total cost of the repair.

Firmware Updates. We do firmware updates for all the products we supply to our customers. The cost for firmware updates is 25euros +VAT.

Payment. Payment for repair should be done beforehand. Our technician will send you a full cost for the repair (repair cost + spare parts) and you will have to pay full amount beforehand in order to proceed. We accept credit cards, cash and wire transfers.

Time schedule. You always have to leave your device in our company for repair or firmware updates. We don't offer immediate same day services. Minimun delay for checking or firmware update is 3days. The final repairing time depends on the spare parts delivery times. Delivery times are usually between 10 to 20 working days.

*all our products have 1 to 5 years guarantee – upon guarantee we provide service of all our products.